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Many people who participate in my classes have asked me about supplies, tools, etc.  Here are some of my favorites.

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I've tried just about every white gel pen, marker, and liquid paint pen, and find that I return to this pen above all others. The ink flow is wonderful and the wide 1.0mm pen tip works perfectly for lace drawings.

There are always times when a finer point gel pen is necessary. It's then that the Sakura brand white gel pens work the best for my needs.

This is THE pen for use in drawing Zentangle® art. They come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased individually, assorted blister packs, or by the box. They also come in a variety of colors.

This is the standard white charcoal pencil for any Zentangle® or lace drawing work. It provides great coverage and works with all cardstocks I've used, whereas some other pencils do not.

This brand of color pencil is my favorite thus far. The white color (PC938) is my staple, as I use it in all my white lacework. Assorted color sets can also be purchased and come in nice tins.

These are my ultimate favorite chalk pastel pencils. The colors are vibrant and blend well. You can also purchase individual pencils.

These are my ultimate favorite chalk pastel pencils. The colors are vibrant and blend well. You can also purchase individual pencils.


I've tried various vellum papers and have found this to be the best for my drawing purposes. It's a great weight and highly durable for those times we must trace our patterns and drawings.

This is my favorite sketch pad for developing any artwork that does not require a dark background. It's a good, heavy quality pad that I can use for different mediums.

This is my favorite sketch pad for developing my lace artwork. It's a good quality pad that gives me a black background for my lace.

We have had a few classes where we've filled a photo mat with lace or tangles. This is the brand I've found to work well in size.

There are times when I need tiles in colors or sizes other than the official Zentangle® tiles.  This particular card stock is perfect as it doesn't bleed the dye into my white ink. It is also the perfect weight and comes in a variety of colors.

This cardstock is wonderful for creating greeting cards. It has a slightly metallic shimmer to it that makes the card appear a little nicer. It is also a fantastic surface for creating that linen look with our color pencils.


My favorite cutting mat/drawing mat.... it comes with not only half inch markings, but also quarter inch markings, making it easy to mark my guidelines and target marks.

I recently taught a class where I handed out sharpened color pencils. Everyone was asking for the sharpener that I use because they loved the points. This is that sharpener.

A student receommended this eraser to me and I absolutely love it! It is perfect for working on black tiles and does a great job.

THE perfect eraser for detail work. I'd be lost without it! Refill packs can also be purchased.

This was a great find, as it provides all three in one... Chalk, lead and stylus! I particularly like the stylus point as it rolls like a ballpoint, only without the ink.

One of my best little tool investments... I use this tool with just about every project. It cuts my square corners into more professional looking rounded corners, which comes in handy when making my own special sized pieces.

There are times when large or delicate areas of our lace drawings need some coloring. This has proven to be a great tool. It also comes in various colors.

A great compass set for a great price. I particularly was please with the fact that there is a compass that allows me to insert the pencil of my choice, such as a white chalk pencil.

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